I sent in my third roll of film in to be developed at the end of May.

This was my second roll of color film. I took the feedback that The Find Lab provided from my first roll of film:

When film is underexposed, you will notice more grain, flatter contrast, and muddy shadows. Film loves light and needs to be overexposed to produce cleaner exposures. That will lead to clean contrast, clean colors, and minimal grain.

Overall, this roll was exposed fairly well and I was really proud of myself! Myy little bubble chaser was slightly overexposed, which you can see in the highlight detail since they came out a little hot.

From the beautiful curly hair, pastel peonies, and (slightly overexposed) bubble chaser, I was feeling more confident in what I was doing. Enough so that I posted some of my favorites to Instagram and Facebook to share. The shots may not be perfect, but I loved them! There's still so much to learn and I have continued looking forward to the challenge.

Roll No. 3 | Shot on Superia 400