Black and white film imgaes are just magical!

I received the scans from my fourth roll of film at the beginning of June. This was the first roll that I was gutsy enough to photograph clients on. And I was expecting the worse, but my goodness, the images did not disappoint. The feedback I received from the lab that developed the roll was: "This roll is so so so good! Great tonality and mood!" This was such a huge compliment to me!!

The images of the couple were taken at sunset and I did struggle a little bit with getting some sunglares into the lens. Overall though, this was the most success I had had so far. My cutie little Davis boy was also on this roll, of course. Taken in the same spot that I took my first black and white photos on film back in March 2020.

Black and white film images are simply timeless.

Shot on Ilford HP5 Plus 400