I seriously LOVE THIS ROLL!

And I have been so excited to share this blog post. The colors are almost spot on. The exposure was better. And they make me so so happy! The creamy green tones from the blueberry field are so beautiful. And the pastel lavender fields truly are wonderful variations of purple. The only thing I regret- not making a note of the settings on my camera as I was taking the images and not taking more close-up images of blueberries.

I have sold a handful of prints of the poppy in the lavender field, which for me, is such an honor. It's fun to know that others want my work displayed in their home.

This roll of film was a significantly higher in quality than the other color film rolls I shot on. Having a high quality film made such a huge difference for me and I love the tones of the colors. I feel that they reflect my brand as a photographer very well. I plan on shooting more color images, I just have to remember to find the time. And also remember to keep track of the settings of my camera so I have a better idea of how I am getting my results.

Some important things to know about Portra 400:

  • The base color is yellow, so it emphasizes gold tones
  • It can we shot in a variety of different lighting conditions
  • Green undertones may appear when shot on an overcast day
  • It is better rated at 200 ISO when shooting in bight, clean light
  • For overcast days/poor light, it is better rated at 100 ISO

Shot on Portra 400